Defy 100W 4 In 1 White MAC 7030

Environmental considerations are a big driving factor for the responsible consumer, which often makes climate control quite difficult. Artificial heating and cooling is known to use a lot of energy and can emit harmful pollutants into the air. Fortunately, the Mac 7030W Defy Air Cooler is the ultimate eco-friendly solution, effectively cooling the interior without any refrigerant or other artificial means that uses excess energy. Through elegant technology, the Mac 7030W Defy Air Cooler actually blows a stream of air through ice and cold water, sufficiently cooling the interior space wherever it goes. Alongside the cooling and environmental benefits, the Mac 7030W Defy Air Cooler actually purifies and humidifies the air, making it a healthy option as well. This silent, user-friendly device is the perfect home appliance addition.

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45-60 Db(a) Noise Level
7hrs Timer
Up & Down Swing:105°
Left & Right Swing: 75°
3 Speeds
3 Cooling Modes:
4 in 1 Multiple Functions:
Cooling Fan + Humidifier + Ionizer + Clean Air
Large LED Display
Remote Control
Biochemical Cotton Filter
Funnel-shaped Water Inlet
Built In Ionizer
2pcs Ice Boxes

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