Fresh 403L Silver FDF480

Fresh chest Deep freezer is one of the best cooling devices in the Egyptian market because of it’s amazing specifications and great features.

Fresh Freezer has many features such as outdoor control unit the Super Freezing feature, which reach the highest freezing degree which is -32 degree in a very short time. Enjoy the 7CM door insulation which keeps the inner part always cool and freezing.

Other features included in Fresh Freezer are the door rubber Frame with Bio Shield Anti-Bactria that keeps the door clean and lives longer.

This model saves the power consumption thanks to the thick insulation and the aluminum inner space.

The internal cavity is made of granulated aluminum which provides a great cooling for the chest freezer.
Buy Fresh Freezer and enjoy amazing chest deep freezer at a great price.

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Strong Freezing Capacity
Inner Basket, Display Fast Freeze
Alarm ; Power, Lock and key, Outer Condenser
Separators to distribute freezing, Castors, Lamp
Dimensions(LxWxH): 1405x875x705mm

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